Sail Turkey with Koda Sail vs. SAILNSTAY: Finding Your Perfect Sail Adventure

Sail Turkey with Koda Sail vs. SAILNSTAY

Finding Your Perfect Adventure

The ultimate comparison for anyone deciding between a Koda Sail or SAILNSTAY tour. Read this BEFORE you book your tour!

Destinations and Itineraries

Koda Sail offers various routes in Turkey, including the “Turquoise Delight” and “Lycian Dream” tours, both starting and ending in Fethiye. These tours offer a mix of sailing, historical site visits, and water activities​​​.

SAILNSTAY provides options like the “Turquoise Coast Cruise,” covering Kas, Demre, Kekova, and back to Kas, and the “Olympos to Fethiye” cruise. Their itineraries also blend sailing with exploration of the coast and ancient ruins​​​​​.

Target Audience and Social Atmosphere

Both companies target a younger, adventure-seeking demographic. Koda Sail markets towards young professionals looking for group tours, while SAILNSTAY caters to young adults and offers cruises for the 18-39 age group, promising lively and adventurous holidays​​​.

Accommodation and Amenities

Koda Sail boats are described as “Premier A+,” with spacious, air-conditioned cabins and private en-suites. The focus is on stylish, comfortable sailing​.

SAILNSTAY offers traditional wooden gulets, with accommodation types varying by cruise. They emphasize authentic sailing experiences along the Turkish coast​.


Specific meal plans were not detailed, but both companies highlighted local culinary experiences. Koda Sail includes an authentic local dinner in its itineraries, while SAILNSTAY likely offers meals on board, given the nature of gulet cruises.

Tour Guide

Both companies provide guided experiences, with Koda Sail and SAILNSTAY mentioning the inclusion of snorkelling, kayaking, and historical site visits led by guides. SAILNSTAY’s emphasis on experiencing Mediterranean life also suggests guided activities.

Price and Value

Koda Sail’s pricing details are less accessible but offer early-bird discounts and group booking incentives​.
SAILNSTAY lists specific prices, such as €1,078 for a 7-night Turquoise Coast Cruise and €647 for a 4-day Olympos to Fethiye sail trip​​.

Financial Protection

Both companies require deposits to secure bookings, with Koda Sail asking for a €250 deposit​​ and SAILNSTAY offering up to 35% off with a 20% deposit for early bird sales​.

Websites & Communication

Koda Sail’s comprehensive website offers detailed tour descriptions, boat information, and booking options​​​.

SAILNSTAY provides detailed tour information, pricing, and booking enquiries through its website​​​​​.

Deals & Discounts

Koda Sail offers early bird discounts and group booking deals​.

SAILNSTAY promotes early bird sales with significant discounts for advance bookings​.


Koda Sail and SAILNSTAY cater to similar audiences looking for adventurous sailing holidays in Turkey. Koda Sail focuses more on stylish, comfortable sailing experiences for young professionals, while SAILNSTAY emphasizes traditional sailing on wooden gulets for a younger demographic. Pricing, destinations, and the social atmosphere are comparable, but Koda Sail offers a slightly more upscale accommodation option. Your choice may depend on the type of sailing experience you’re after and the specific routes each company provides.