Sail Turkey with Contiki vs. SAILNSTAY: Finding Your Perfect Sail Adventure

Sail Turkey with Contiki vs. SAILNSTAY

Finding Your Perfect Adventure

The ultimate comparison for anyone deciding between a Contiki or SAILNSTAY tour. Read this BEFORE you book your tour!

When comparing sailing experiences in Turkey offered by Contiki and SAILNSTAY, several key aspects emerge across the criteria you’ve outlined for travel company comparisons:

Destinations and Itineraries

Contiki offers an 8-day sailing trip along the Turkish coast, focusing on relaxation and exploring secluded coves and charming seaside towns. The journey is aboard a traditional Turkish gulet, promising an intimate and authentic experience​.
SAILNSTAY provides a variety of gulet cruises, including options from 3 nights to a full week, covering routes like Olympos to Fethiye and exploring the Turquoise Coast. Their offerings cater to both young adults and mixed-age groups, ensuring a broad appeal​​​.

Target Audience and Social Atmosphere

Contiki specifically caters to young travellers aged 18-35, focusing on creating a vibrant social atmosphere that encourages making new friends and sharing experiences.
SAILNSTAY targets a wider age range, from 18 to 85, emphasizing the joy of sailing and discovery for all, with a particular focus on young adults for certain cruises​.

Accommodation and Amenities

Both companies use traditional Turkish gulets for their voyages. Contiki mentions staying in Turkish gulets with a maximum group size of 16, suggesting a more intimate setting. SAILNSTAY highlights the authentic sailing experience aboard wooden yachts, with some cruises featuring amenities like air conditioning​.


Contiki includes 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, and 7 dinners in their package, indicating a comprehensive meal plan​.
SAILNSTAY does not detail their meal offerings explicitly in the provided information, but the nature of gulet cruises generally includes full board or similar arrangements​.

Tour Guide

Contiki employs a team including a captain and crew, ensuring professional navigation and local insights​.
SAILNSTAY also relies on experienced crews for their cruises, likely offering local knowledge and expertise​.

Price and Value

Contiki‘s trip is priced at $1,366, which covers accommodations, meals, and activities for an 8-day journey​.
SAILNSTAY offers a 4-day cruise starting at €647, with varying prices for longer trips, such as €1,078 for a 7-night cruise. The value comparison here would depend on the specific needs and preferences of the traveller regarding duration and what’s included.

Financial Protection

Contiki provides flexible travel dates and a money-back guarantee under the TTC Promise, ensuring financial protection for travellers.
SAILNSTAY provides flexible travel dates and a money-back guarantee under the TURSAB Promise, ensuring financial protection for travellers.

Websites & Communication

Contiki and SAILNSTAY have informative websites offering detailed itineraries, FAQs, and contact information for prospective travellers​​.

Deals & Discounts

Contiki offers savings on early bookings and other discounts on various trips​.
SAILNSTAY promotes early bird sales and discounts up to 35% off for their cruises​.

Local Office in Turkey

SAILNSTAY has a local presence in Turkey, providing travellers with a direct point of contact and support.
Information regarding a Contiki local office in Turkey was not specified.

Office in Tour Starting Point

Contiki is a global company with various contact points, but specific offices at tour starting points were not detailed​.
SAILNSTAY lists its offices in Antalya, Turkey, and other locations, offering accessible support to travellers.


Contiki and SAILNSTAY offer unique sailing experiences tailored to different preferences and age groups. Contiki’s focus on young travellers and comprehensive packages make it an attractive option for those seeking a social and adventurous holiday. SAILNSTAY, with its broader age range and varied cruise lengths, offers flexibility and a more inclusive atmosphere. The choice between the two should be based on the traveller’s desired social setting, cruise duration, and the importance of local support.