The Square of the Temple of Emperor Domitian

In front of the Hydreion and beyond the street of the Curetes is a wide space which was once the courtyard of the temple of Domitianus. There were shops and stores of all kinds on either side of the temple. 

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Berta Lledo and Tufan Turanli

The massive walls rising on two sides of the courtyard served as terraces for the stupendous architecture of the sanctuary, which rose on the southern terrace. The stairs leading to the top are in a fairly good state of preservation. The emperor's colossal statue stood on the top of this terrace. The statue is now in the Archaeological Museum at lzmir. The heaps of broken carved pieces lying all over the courtyard were found as they stand now, during the excavations. They belonged to buildings which stood in the other quarters of the city.

On the Square of Domitianus, a ruined, large fountain decorated with a monumental arch attracts attention. The fountain, built in 93 A.D. by C. Atilius in the name of C.Sextilius Pollia, poured its water into a pool lined with marble slabs. The fountain, which was restored in recent years, was decorated with statues. The statues of the Ulysses and Polyphemos group, as well as the Reclining Warrior, which are now in the Ephesus Museum, were taken from here.


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